Program to turn AVI/DIVX into DVD+R

Hi all,
I’m trying to make a DVD+R file from my AVI and DIVX files, but sofar all the software in found on internet is only right to make a file DVD-R.
I am getting pretty desperate, i’ve tried just about anything.
I’d really be dead happy and greatful if anyone knew a good program, preferably free, as due to family ilness and many extra expences i’m quite broke at the moment, but all advise is welcome :slight_smile:

Ooookay, I think you’re getting a little confused.

Both DVD+R and DVD-R are types of disc and writers. They came about basically because the bunch of people that make either the writers or the discs themselves could not come up with one unified standard on writable DVD’s, so they split into 2 camps and that’s why we have 2 types.

My reason for that little history lesson is that the actual data on the disc is the same no matter what type you use, so all thoes guides (and the one in this forum) can be used on either disc.

All you have to worry about is making sure you are using the correct type on blank DVD for your drive.

I hope this makes it a bit more clearer :slight_smile:

And then have a read of the DivX to DVDR TuTorial on how to convert your AVi/Divx’s to either DVD-R or +R.

I made my first Divx to DVDr and did little reading and even added chapters and the quality look as good as the master. I used TMPEncPlus to encode the Divx to mpeg and then use TMPEnc Author 1.6 to convert the mpeg to DVD files (VOB) and this program also allowed me to add chapters also. It has a wizard mode and intuitive menus. If you have a movie with high quality audio you made need to add the AC3 add on module too, but you don’t need it. Then you just use CloneDVD2 or Nero or DVD Decrypter to burn the VOB files to a DVDr + or -.

Well, i know how to convert, but the (free) programs i found sofar only converted to DVD_R, and actually said it doesn’t work to convert to DVD+R and i got a message from Nero that i needed soem plug in for making DVD+R
I have the right disks, i got them directly with the DVD+R burner.
TMPEnc plus is the program i’ve got and it says it only converts to DVD_R but i guess that’s not the right way to go about it, i have to use that one to convert to MPG and then TMPEnc Author 1.6 top convert to DVD?
And it does DVD+R?
That would be great…except the plug in for Nero :frowning:
I’m so flat broke, that’s the problem.
But, i know more now, thanks :slight_smile:

DVD_R is not DVD-R, its just a generic term for recordable DVD’s and probably should be just DVDR. The images made by any program can be burnt to either +R or -R, its all to do with the burner & media and NOTHING to do with the converting/authoring software.

The images made by any program can be burnt to either +R or -R, its all to do with the burner & media and NOTHING to do with the converting/authoring software.

It’s movies, not pictures, i do them as regular cdrom.
I only know what the programs tell me, the messages i get :S

You now have me totaly confused, first your talking DVD+ or -R’s and now your talking CDROM :rolleyes: :confused:

i use dvd2svcd to convert xvid-divx files to dvd it has an dvd-r dvd+r option
in the bitrate option in the cd size part the only diferance i can see is the +r is a little smaller :slight_smile:

I meant that pictures (photo’s) i burn as cdrom :slight_smile:
I was originally talking about movies, and that last post was a replie to what you said :slight_smile:
Sorry if i confused you :slight_smile:

Jock, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
Greetings from Holland.

BarbossasPearl, when he said “images”, he DID NOT mean photo images. THIS explains, somewhat, what a disc or disk image is. And here is a PC World article explaining DVD & CD Images. Hope that helps.

No…i know that, i replied that I MEANT photo images!
As someone said he got confused i was talking dvd and then cdrom, i merely mention i do PHOTO IMAGES as cdrom.
That’s all :wink:

I forgot to say, thanks for the useful links :slight_smile:
I will read it for sure!

I just downloaded dvdsanta. Converted one of my .avi files to .vob. It created the video_ts folder and all that. Then I burnt that joker onto dvd. Popped out the dvd+rw, dvd-r, dvd+r (whatever, works with all) and slapped it into the old XBOX and it played the dvd fine. They have free download but to get full functions you have to pay the 29 bucks. DVDsanta baby!!
go to :slight_smile: