Program To Tell Brand/Dye On CDr After Burnt.?



Is there a program that can tell me dye type and/or make or a cdr after its burnt like dvdinfo pro can with dvdrs.


Nero CD-DVD Speed (part of Nero 6 Ultra Edition, and also available separately for free).

Other tools can do this also, e.g. CDRIdentifier (has not been updated for years), CDVDInfo (only for Plextor drives).


Ive tryed cd-dvd speed and CDRIdentifier nether tell me the dye and disc manufacturer on a burnt cdr disc.

Drives tryed are a Pioneer DVR-109XLC1 and a Plextor 2410A.


Using either a Plextor PX-712A or a NEC ND-3500AG drive I can get relevant information about CD-R with either of those programs (see attachment #1 and #2 below).

Are you by any chance running Alcohol 120% or other emulation software that has an “Ignore Media Type” option enabled? This would produce results like attachment #3 and #4 below.


Did’nt have Alcohol 120% running but i unticked Ignore Media Type in the options and now both programs tell me the manufacturer id and dye type of a burnt disc.