Program to Rename MP3's?



I’ve got two gazillion albums I’m trying to burn to DVD’s. I’m using Nero 5.5.x or whatever it is. It’s 5 something.

Anyway, because the original ripper threw everything into the titles that he could, i.e., 01 - great album - joe and schmoe - first cut - remixed version of first version of second version of album.mp3, etc., etc.,

I often get the Nero message “this does not meet the ISO 9660 standard - it’s longer than 255 characters”. Then I have to go in and rename the directory and or files to bring the thing down to size.

I assume that the combined length of directory name and file name must be shorter than 255. I guess that’s not negotiable. If so, I’d REALLY like to find some kind of program that will rename all the songs in an album to 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3 . . . . 12.mp3.

Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this dilemma?


Mike in Illinois


Im pritty sure Nero 6 just tellls you what file names are too long and renames to itself. I remeber bunring a few dvd of my stuff, and it telling me that i would have to rename some pics that stupidly long name.



Foobar2000’s masstagger.


mp3 tag tools


Thanks, everyone! Meanwhile, I found 1-4a rename at

It works just great!

Mike in Illinois