Program to play dvds

hi forum I am wanting to know what is the best program to play dvds on my pc? I have hade interactual player which comes with most dvds but does’nt want to play the movie so I am after so more programs are then any freeware programs or trials I could use any recomendations thanx gang!!! :doh:

Most people seem to prefer PowerDVD, me being one of them. Just google for it :slight_smile:

I just used blaze dvd player found it on the net works great though it gets a slight pause but other then that its awsome thanks for all ur help :bow:

PowerDVD is Best…But WMP should play them as well. Even Winamp Pro will now.

for total free DVD play back I don’t think much beats Media Player Classic

yep power dvd good player try it out

TheaterTek ( is hard to beat for image quality. It’s lesser-known than PowerDVD and WinDVD. But having directly compared it to both those players, TT is noticeably superior. When it comes to navigational controls, it’s a bit “clunkier”, but has features and manual controls none of the popular players seem to currently feature.

I am now using power dvd but sometimes it will shut down half way through a movie

Media player classic suggested before is a very good free option. Windows media player is fine too but i find it loads a bit slower.

You will need a free mpeg2 decoder if you don’t have one installed on your system. I’m not sure if those who have a software DVD player like Cyberlink’s Powerdvd or Intervideo’s Windvd need these codecs to play dvd with MPC or WMP but for anyone else who reads this later these links may be helpful.

Carefull with Power DVD v6 and newer, it phones home and reports on whats playing.

I have just put in interactual player from a dvd just to try something different like watch dvd rom features as it says this program is the only one that plays them any way every time i go to get into the dvd rom features it shuts my pc down I have tried 3 different dvds all of them origonal include 8mile which i paid over $30aus for and it said please insert the origonal universal disc
am i gonna b able to c these other features or are they just a gimmick?