Program to make CD-Rs appear to be CD-ROMs?

Rockstar Games has provided a program for PCs which allows you to rip custom soundtracks for GTA:VCS (for PSP). I’d appreciate any help. Link The only thing is it won’t let you use pre-ripped stuff (my entire collection of legally ripped mp3s), and it won’t let you rip from CD-Rs, only pressed CDs.

So, I could go sort through all my CDs and rerip the tracks I want.

But I don’t want to.

I’d rather just burn a CD of tracks from my library, then rip it using this program.

But I need that disc to appear to be a CD-ROM. There’s no bitsetting on CD-Rs, so I can’t do it when burning. What I need is a program that makes a CD-R appear to be a CD-ROM. There is a program that does this if you have a Plextor drive. But I don’t have a Plextor drive.

Is there a program that can do it on my machine with an NEC, Pioneer or BenQ drive?

I would try to make an image of the CD-R, then mount the image and try to rip that way.

I would personally use CloneCD to read to image file, mount the image with Virtual CloneDrive, enable hide CDR media with CloneCD tray, and then try to rip it. :iagree:

You can download a 21 day trial version of CloneCD, and Virtual CloneDrive (Freeware) from

Does CloneCD work on audio (not data) discs?

I’ll give it a shot right now I suppose.

Hmm. Maybe I should have tried before I asked.

I just made an audio disc with Nero, made a .nrg image from it, then mounted it with Nero ImageDrive. And I’m able to use that.

This program will only rip directly to PSP though, which means it is speed-limited (my memory card is very slow) and is unnecessarily draining my PSP battery. Oh well, at least it works.

Thanks for the help.

No problem, glad you got it to work!