Program to lock CD-rom drive allowing an invisible disc swap

I was wondering if it’s possible or of there is a program capable of locking a cd-dvdrom drive to think it’s not being ejected when infact it is to allow a disc swap. I ask this because over here at this forum they’ve found out how to extract GD-roms (dreamcast games) using a regular cd-DVD rom drive and it works (sometimes perfectly but sometimes with read errors and such). But it requires opening your drive to manually swap the disc and then tell cdrwin to extract the specified sectors you want. It would be much easier to control the drive through software rather than opening it up and manually swapping the disc. I was also hoping there’d be some luck using Trumans Tool but no luck whatsoever (great tool btw really opened up some new doors). But this is where something else interesting comes in.

I was also hoping to use Trumans tool to scan Sega Saturn games since they have that popular ring towards the ege of the disc which might be the protection, and might be readable. But it would be ludicrous to click the arrow manually to go from the end of the TOC to say 360000 (and I’m not even sure if it really is trying to read anything outside the TOC as it always says "Sector could not be read.
Error while processing ReadCD command.
Logical block address out of range. )
It sure would be nice to see an update of Trumans Tool that would have a sector scanning option that would seek outside of the TOC for any readable sectors automatically till whatever sector range specified. If there already is a program capable of this someone please post a link to it cause that would be great. Anyways thanks! :slight_smile: