Program to grab files from music cd's !?

Does anybidy know a good program that can grab music-files from damaged music-cd’s and grab them without any damaged?

Maybe WinDAC or Audiograbber, depends on how badly your CD has been abused


I’ve read somthing on a newsgroep about a program called eac. A guy had scratched an old cd and riiped it with that and after 4 hours he head the cd without any faults so,
Unfortunatly I havent got the time to test it myself.

long live the holiday, I had time to test it and it worked, (not a small scratch but a complete hole in the cd and after 2 hours of reading the original track was almost completely restored)

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Some time ago I solved the problem by using the EasyCDcreator audio extraction tool

I don’t remember the exact name, may be Spin Doctor