Program to Export Directory/File Listing as HTML?

I’m looking for a program (preferably freeware) that will allow me to export the names of the files in a directory and subdirectories. I found one that does this, but it doesn’t include the subdirectories.
Any recommendations?

DOS commands
dir /s >text.txt should work if I recall correctly…

For more options, go to command prompt and enter:
dir /?

Hmm, lemme try that.

Yeah, I guess that works - thanks. I was kind of looking for something to export them a little more neatly, though.

Exactly how neatly do you want it???


Just a nice, clean list of just the filenames without the paths and sizes and everything. To be honest, I’m not really that skillful with the command prompt - I could probably type of the list myself in less time than it’d take me to figure it out, heh. :doh:

import the file in Excel and it offers a variety of options…

I do remember this question being asked several times before, just cannot remember what programs were offered at the time…maybe search can be of help…

Oh, that’s a good idea, using Excel. Thanks!

Maybe I’m just using the wrong keywords, but searching the forum didn’t turn up anything for me. Thanks nonetheless!

[QUOTE=geekily;1928514]Just a nice, clean list of just the filenames without the paths and sizes and everything.[/QUOTE]

dir /s /b >filename.txt

Karen’s Power Tools has a pretty good directory tool that I used to use. It’s free. She also writes a bunch of other utilities that are pretty cool.

Try to PrintMaestro, it works for me.