Program to convert SWF to video

Hey guys,
Im looking for a program that can convert (ideally in batch) about 20 short flash files. The SWF files alone are only about 800kb to 1.3mb but some programs I have tryed convert them to over a gb! All the rest I have try have crash or just produce a very mucked up output. I seem to have right codec but Im having a sound problem. Some programs that will produce a good looking a output have very very low sound. Any ideas guys?


Try WinAVI. I have heard good and bad about it on this forum but works good for me. You can try it for free to see it it does what you need. The free trial will have a logo on the output.

There is also a for $$$ program ADShareit SWF to Video Converter, both in a Pro and Lite version.
I downloaded the free trial and it worked fairly well - go to

I’ve been looking for ages, but I couldn’t find any to suit my flash files. They are the Foamy cartoons, and I think the reason they won’t work is because my files hold a play button, which screws up the conversion, as they don’t know what to do with it

hahah thats what im trying to do :bigsmile: I wanner convert them to dvd to show a few ppl with out pcs. If I work out a way il let you know.


Thankyou. I have tried a lot of programs, but I’ve given up now. Don’t let that stop you though! :bigsmile:

Hope you are more succesfull than I was! PM me if you find a way :smiley:

Iv just thort of a way that might work… il post back once iv tryed.


Cool. You better post :wink:

I allways use Swf2Avi with the XviD codec has allways worked great for me.

Ben :slight_smile:

You can do it manually with a screen recorder, audio recording program that will record your master audio out, and and A/V editor.

  1. Record video with screen recorder, save file…

  2. Record audio with audio recording program, save file…

  3. Use and A/V Editor (I use Vegas) to put them together (You might have to manually sync the audio and video tracks, but that should not be too hard.)

Its a little tricky, but I have done it this way.

Ben, that program seems to work now :slight_smile:

I have used it before, maybe versions and versions ago, but it didn’t work. Now it does :slight_smile: Thanks.

Oh, and VH, what was you idea?

For converting flash to video I prefer Flash to Video Encoder:

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It will help you i’m sure!

Hahahaha not for $100 it won’t when it can be done with other software for [B]FREE [/B]

search swf to video software with google. click here.

Are you trying to Spam US ??? No thanks :disagree: