Program to Convert MKV to another file like AVI?

What good or recommended programs to burn MKV to AVI or another file like MPEG-2 or whatever that’s used for DVDs or what not I want to take a clip out of the MKV to use as DVD backgrounds and to use the music.

You can try MediaCoder or AviDemux for conversion to avi. AviDemux can also cut out sections for you and demux the audio stream.

I saved the video as an AVI in AVIDEMUX but for some reason it isn’t a avi file. It doesn’t even have an extension.

You need to add the extension in AVIDeMux. If renaming it and adding .AVI doesn’t do it, drop it on GSpot, a free video file format checker.

Do you know the original codecs used in the .mkv file? Some types of video and audio don’t work well in an avi container. AviDemux can encode it to something appropriate, if you set it to do so.

Look at the original file with Gspot or MediaInfo.

I did it, but it doesn’t say what codec to use. How do I set it to encode it into something appropriate?

I’d still like to know what is in the .mkv file. The codecs used may be fine in an avi container…may not…can’t tell without more information.

In any case, if you want to encode to a different configuration see if you can follow these instructions. After you open AviDemux and import your video, you should look at the three main controls next to the video window. The top one is Video. Change it from Copy to Mpeg4 ASP (Xvid). It is the very last entry on the drop down list. Click on Configure if you want to change the encoding parameters, like making it do a two pass encode for higher quality.

Next, look at Audio. I’m not sure what you are starting with, or the best codec for you to use, since you stated purpose is to use clips in dvds. Normally I’d say use AC3.

The last one is Format. It should be set to AVI.

Make sure to put an .avi extension on your output file name.

Now, having said all that, you can also use AviDemux to convert to mpeg2, which is the codec used in dvd-video. I prefer other tools for that, but can be done here. Use DVD in Video, AC3 in Audio and Mpeg TS (A + V) in Format. Be certain to put an .mpg extension on your output file when doing this.