Program to check OC'ed CPU's for stability?

When purchasing ym new MOBO i was looking at 3 factors: Performance, Features and OCing ability. I want to try to OC my Athlon XP 1800+ up a bit but before doing so I want to make sure I have stability issues covered and well researched. Is there a program specifically desgined for this kind of thing or any that you other CDfreaks know will get the job done to test my CPU for stability after I OC it? And what is the easiest way to tell what CORE my Athlon XP 1800+ has? I know it has either the Palomino (more likely) or the Tbred core. Thanks for my help.

you can either use WCPUID or CPU-Z to get the 411 on your CPU specs. To test stability, you can use a number of programs that puts the CPU load to 100%, ie Prime95, Sandra (burn-in test), 3D Mark.

For even more details on your CPU, check out this site. You’ll need the codes on the core though.

The first thing to test is the RAM. Memtest86 is the standard memory test. It runs from a floppy and loops indeffinitely. It will show any memory probems. As you play with the FSB, the memory is the first place you will see problems.
For testing the CPU and general system stability, 3DMark-03 is very good. It can also be looped and run for a few hours, if there are any stability issues it will likely turn them up.
A visit to and will help you a bunch.

The best way to stress your system to the max is running multiple programs at once. I prefer 3D Mark and Prime95…