Program to boost or lower volume levels of Rt or Lt audio track?



I’ve just finished transfering some music to my computer from old audio cassette tapes that I recorded years ago.

Years ago I recorded those tapes in segments on different days, and I’m finding the recorded volume levels were not consistent between recording “sessions”. Some songs are Much louder than others(almost blowing my ears off when they start)compared to the previous song…and in some cases, the Right or Left stereo channels were WAY lower than the other one making a Very poor mix.

Now that I have these stereo WAV files on my computer, is there a program that I can use to edit the volume levels of the individual audio files to make them all more even?

And also to boost or decrease the volume level of one of the (Rt. or Lt.)stereo channels to get a better stereo mix?

thank you…I VERY much would like to hear of any


I don’t think it is sufficient, but it could bring you in the right direction. The process of adapting the volume of music tracks to the same level is called normalizing. E.g Nero Burning ROM has the option to normalize which will add some additional time to the burning process but will make sure all songs have the same volume level.

But as said you might need some stronger tools.


Audacity is a great freeware audfio editing tool that will display both left and right channels of a file at the same time. You can also separate out the channels in a stereo wav or mp3. I believe its possible to edit each channel individually if you require it. As for normalizing, Mp3Gain is a lossless normalizer that works well, but it only works for mp3 files. But it makes the changes to the files, directly without any re-encoding neccessary, so you mantain the quality. Plus any changes are undo-able if you decide you don’t like the result.


Thanks guys,
I’ll remember that Nero “normalize” function when I load all these songs to burn.

But I’m still looking for a program to import the WAV files(not MP3s) into and use it to boost the volume on the Right Channel(which was recorded significantly lower than the Left by mistake)

I use GoldWave which separates and displays the wave files in separate channels. And although the Right channel shows quite a lot of “audio waves”, it is much lower than the Left…and I’d like to boost it and remix them together again.

I’ve tried Audacity and do not see anything that will do that. Am I just not seeing it?

Can someone Please recommend a program that will do that with one channel?
(is there Really not a program that can do that?)


Cooledit will do exactly what you need! I had the very same problem with old LP’s transfered to WAV. The left channel was lower in volume. Cooledit has various amplify-options, where you can choose among others: “normalise left/right” Keep in mind though, that the noise on the channel you’re amplifying will be louder too (and mostly more than you like). No problem though; you can eliminate most of that noise with Cooledit too.

Here’s how I used to clean them up:
*record them to wav,
*amplify both channels to 90-95% peak (unlock left/right, to ensure he’ll amplify the weakest channel more)
*remove hiss or noise on both channels
*listen to the result! (could be you used wrong hiss-removal settings; ruins the tracks completely :))


Thank you, pretty lady

I VERY much appreciate the information.

Thank you for your help!


You can also do this in Goldwave. Click the “Chan” button to toggle the channels to the low channel and then under Effects, Volume, increase the volume for that channel.


I just found what you were telling me in GoldWave.

Excellent, jmbrown!
(I’ll look at CoolEdit too, pretty lady)