Program to assess DVD burn quality..?

(Re: is there a program that can tell me what is the quality)

of the dvds I have just burned…

Nero CD-DVD speed or

@fishairflow: Could you please not continue the title of your post into the actual content. That is, unless, you desire fewer replies…

As imkidd57 stated, we need some more information. Mostly, what dvd drive(s) do you have? Only drives from a few manufactures are able to do quality scans (Lite-On, Plextor, BenQ, and newer NECs, and newer Pioneers).

I am sorry but I don’t understand…do you mean that instead of the topic just say
"need help assesing burned dvds"

I have a sony dw-q58a drive in a dell inspiron laptop… that is the only drive I have…

My biggest issue is - i have no idea what to look at nero - in other words I don’t have a clue as to what parameter defines a good image vs what parameter means a bad cd-dvd image…

Until I altered it, all that other members could see was “Is there a program that can tell me what is the quality”, and the subject (burned DVDs) was hidden.

Yes, the type of descriptive title you just suggested would be good (for the future ;))

If you post any scans (tests) you do in the Blank Media Forum, I’m sure the knowledgeable people in there will help you decipher them - I’ve certainly learned a lot from hanging out there. :slight_smile:

Just noticed you posted the drive type - sorry… :o.

Your Sony drive is a rebadged LiteOn SOSW-813S (see bottom of this site here). Therefore you should be able to use CD-DVD Speed and Kprobe (according to this post as an example) to assess your DVD burns. Perhaps other LiteOn users would be able to help you with Kprobe… :flower:.