Program to arranged and optimize data for disc utilization

hi guys am looking for a program that will arranged and optimize data for my DVDs
I want to copy entire folders to DVD without regard as to how they will fit on a single disc, I don’t want to arrange the folders manually its really time consuming if you have a lot of data to burn, so is there a program shareware or freeware to do this for me.
thx for ur time,

Yes there is.

Unfortunatly I can’t remember the name of it. :wink:

I found this program AccuBurn-R it has this feature

Spanned (Multiple) Disc Output
AccuBurn-R accepts layouts that require more than a single disc, unlike other software… This enables you to copy entire folders to CD without regard as to how they will fit on a single disc. Other software requires you to manually arrange files, so that each group of files fits on a single CD. This is a very time consuming process, which may take hours. This would be similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. AccuBurn-R enables you to drag a folder (regardless of size), and burn as many discs as required.

When AccuBurn-R creates spanned discs, each is independent and can be used without the others. Should one be damaged or lost, the remainder is usable. With competitive software, damage or loss of a disc results in the entire set of discs being lost.

Depending on user preference, the files can be arranged across spanned discs in several ways

By name - all files are arranged alphabetically within folders.
By folder - folders are arranged alphabetically; files are arranged to optimize disc utilization.
No stated order - files are arranged to optimize space utilization.
An Index of the files on the discs can be printed for reference.

but it doesn’t have a trial or shareware ver. to try and I don’t think that I should buy it for 40$ just to get this done, I think this might clear out any ambiguity about my question.

There’s another way to accomplish what you want, if you have an NTFS file-system (FAT32 will not do), and you have the technical skill to understand and use NTFS hard-links.

There’s a tool and a (brief) explanation on how to accomplish what you want, by setting up a folder structure divided into one folder per disc you need to burn, and all the files within that folder structure hard-linked to your original files.
Then you can burn each new folder to a separate disc with any burning program you like.

If that sounds like total gibberish to you, then you should probably look for another solution.
But if you understand it, it’s actually quite easy to use.

Here’s the article and the tool: Splitting directories for DVD burning

thank u dragemester for ur solution it worked fine but what if I don’t have NTFS which I might face later which program should I use

I don’t know. I stopped looking when I found the solution for NTFS filesystems.

Using FAT32 filesystems is awkward because of several limitations such as filesize and lack of folder/file permissions, so I use NTFS on all my important drives.

If you find another good solution, please let us know! :slight_smile: