Program that lets you remove DVD menus!

Is there a program that lets you remove dvd menus? And lets you set chapter points? the only software i have in adobe premiere elements and nero. I have no idea how to work these programs when it comes to editing and stuff. thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t use either of those, so can’t help with those programs. However, DVDLab Pro will let you import a dvd, and if you select Simple Movie as the type, it will remove the menu. You can then make new chapter points wherever you want. You can even have Lab Pro set the chapter points automatically if you’re not fussy about where you want them—this will just give you a way to jump forward or backward while watching the movie.
There is a free 30 day trial available for this program, but it is getting a bit pricey for an authoring program.

You could just rip the dvd to your hard drive with DVDShrink, (in reauthor mode) and select the movie only. If your dvd has one of the newer protections use DVDShrink in combination with AnyDVD. Once you have just the movie on the hd, I’ll bet Premiere Elements or Nero Vision will let you put in chapter points.