Program shuts down before finishing

I am new to this video stuff but I have an electronics backgroud (which so far seems to be of no help).My system exceeds all of the system requirments of the software (ulead video 7 se) and the burner (nec dvd +rw nd1100). Problem description: While trying to burn a vcd disc or a dvd directly or from a file the process starts I get the converting video files message and after about 65% complete the program (ulead video 7 se) I get an error message that" studio 7 must close" and it closes . I have tried uninstalling and re installing the software but I still have the problem. I have been able to burn some shorter dvd"s and vcd’s without a problem. It seems as if some other program running in the background is interupting it. I close everything before I begin, but I may be missing somthing.Any suggestions will be appreciated.

can u burn an entire dvd successfully when using another program?

I am capturing from a vtr (family stuff) I origionally was useing studio 8 with a dazzel dvc80 capyure device and was able to burn a short dvd (about 5 min.) with it, but the playback resolution was poor because of the low capture rate (320x240).

I then bought an ADS DVD Express capture device that came with the video 7 software. The quality is much better (I have been able to burn a short dvd (about 4-5 min) without it shuting down. The times it shut down I was trying to burn a 15 min. dvd. I also tried to burn it as a vcd and it also shut down.Does this Info help any. Thanks for the reply.

Usually when it shuts down or stops while doing video it is usually not enough ram or processor is not good enough. I do video editing and have 1 gig ram ddr. When I had 512 i was freezing up . Also have you tried other programs to see if it was the program you was using ?


I have more than the Min requirments.acording to the info that came with the software. My processor is 1.2 gig and I have 512 meg ram. I hope it isn’t my computer since i just got it. I guess adding more ram would’t hurt. I was hoping for somthing cheaper as a fix. Thanks for the input.

Sorry but that was just my experience … but you can try totally different program cause it might be that . I would try that first . Like dvdlab or ulead movie factory2 or dvd workshop.


Goi thanks for all your help. I think I will try another program. I guess I can download a trial. Thanks again

Gio / AZI and anyone who reads this. I solved my problem. It seems there was a lot of “stuff” (a technical term) running in the background, so I did a msconfig to eleminate most everything at start up. I am runnig fine now,but I’m sure it won’t be long till I need help again. Thanks