Program recommendations for Non-Rectangular text boxes

Has anyone got any program recommendations for a program that can set out a page (like MS powerpoint) but you can define text boxes in a non-rectangular/square shape.

I’m trying to do something a tad fancy, and MS office (publisher/word/powerpoint) can define a object with text, but the text is still treated as a blocky rectangular shape.

As an example, lets say, I want to define three text zones, with a Large picture of a Key in the middle of the page.
I want to setup …
one text zone to the left of the key,
one text zone inside the key,
one text zone to the right of the key.

What programs are available out there to do what I want?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Hi, I’m having the same problem as you - did you ever manage to figure it out?

Many thanks in advance!