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Weird, all of a sudden when I click an icon on my desktop, instead of the program opening I get a page with icons for 8 programs such as Wikipedia Etc. I have to delete it then the program I wanted appears? T.I.A.

The solution is the same one suggested 5 or 6 threads ago that you’ve created.
Your Windows install is screwed and you need to reinstall. Or you have a virus.

Hi Durk, I think you should take Wendys suggestion and reformat your OS. Also , please make a thread called durkinjt issue and just post in that thread, please do not start a new thread for each issue.

De I will reinstall windows, this just happened yesterday, don’t know how I posted it previously,

Thanks Alan, did not know to do that about posting, sorry.

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From the java problem, admin problem, power shell problem, taskbar problem, Edge download problem. They all relate to the same issue.
Your install is screwed or you have a virus.

Which Anti Virus application do you use?
Have you done a deep Virus scan (done a complete system scan)?

In many cases. Re-installing Win10 can be done without losing your installed programs and apps.
If your interested in trying it. Let me know here, and I’ll talk you through how to do it.

But you must first make sure your system isn’t infected by a virus.

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your Windows had a virus… its injected trojan in your windows directory. anything you want to execute or open don’t have associated programs or sometimes not found even its there. I’d experienced that of one of my laptop without Malwarebytes. anti-malware can easily trap any insertion trojan files or values in Windows registry.

Thanks Dee, did not think they were all related, sorry. I have Malaware Killer for malaware and System Mechanic. I would be very interested in re-installing Win.10 without losing my programs.

OK first things first.
If you don’t have the Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool. Or have a version of the tool older than 3 months then go to this site and create a installation media.
Select the download tool option then run it.
Then select the Create installation media option.
Follow the prompts to create the media.
It will download the installation data from the Internet, so be patient.

You will need an 8GB or larger USB flash drive (preferable) , or a double layer DVD R media.

Once you have created the install media. Backup any important data on your system, like pictures, music, etc etc.

Now run a full system virus scan, and if your system is virus free you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Go to the start menu and click on the Settings icon.
Then select the Update & Security option.
Now select the Recovery tab.

At the top of the application window there should be an Get Started option.

Click Get Started

When you or your OEM first installed Windows on the PC, there should have been a hidden RECOVERY partition created on your PC. If this is the case, then clicking on Get Started should bring up three options.

  • Keep my apps, settings, and personal files. (this is the one you want).
  • Keep my files (second best option. But you need to re-install any apps you installed from the Windows Store).
  • Remove everything. (clean Windows 10 install)

Select the ‘Keep my apps , settings and personal files’
Follow the prompts.

All being well, your PC should be back in good order.
Just keep in mind. If your Virus scanner missed a virus. it will still be present after recovery.

If that fails or there wasn’t a recovery partition to work from, If you bought the PC pre-built then they should have provided you with a recovery solution, and you may need to use that.
If all else fails, then you can always re-install from the Win10 installation media you created in step 1.

As always. You do this at your own risk.

Hi Dee, did everything step by step, computer runs like new, Thanks a million!!

Nice to hear you got it recovered ok, and you’re welcome.
Sometimes you can spend days trying to fix a problem with Windows and still not get it working properly.

The recovery method you just completed is faster than trying to fix a problem, and generally with Windows 10 has a very good chance of fixing the problem without having to start from scratch with a clean Win 10 install.

One final step (optional)
Open your file explorer, then right click on your C:\ drive and then on properties and then click on the Disk Cleanup option.
From the dialog that opens, select ‘clean up system files’.
Look for an entry called something like ‘old windows installation’.
Select it then proceed. You will likely recover quite a large amount of HDD space by doing this, and end up with a nice clean system.

If you have a second HDD in your system, or an external HDD with enough space, then you may want to consider a system backup application like Macrium Reflect Free edition.

If you go this route, then create a Macrium Reflect Rescue media from within Reflect. You’ll need another small USB flash drive, or a DVD R.

Once you have your system setup the way you like it, create a backup. In the event of a system problem like you just had, restoring the backup can be done in a matter of a few minutes.

Will do, thanks again will do the follow up. PS my
daughters name is Deidre, also called Dee…