Program Not Responding

lately i’ve been having problems with my PC being a wee bit slow opening some programs, but mainly hanging up the i get program not responding.
i also thought my HDD was on it’s way out (on a thread in the hardware forum) which seems ok in the tests.

I have reinstalled windows (quick format), SP2, kaspersky AV, spysweeper, acronis true image, anydvd, clonedvd, clonecd, talktalk broadband & ZA pro.

on trying to install adobe reader (from CD & downloaded to HDD) & epson software it’s still hanging up & i’m getting, this program is not responding.

could it be my HDD after all

any suggestions :confused:

Could be a number of issues.
I would suggest booting into Safe Mode. Does system continue to act slow?
Some programs can install in Safe Mode (if install includes drivers, generally not).
If you experience a speed improvement, “program not responding” gone, I would not be suspect to failing HD. What is free space on drive? Have you done a good cleaning, defrag of drive lately. Next area would be running processes, conflict with software / OS, after this week’s windows update?

Check the Basics.

  1. My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> “Startup and Recovery” [Settings] make the following changes;

Time to display list of OS"s [ 5 ]
Time to display recovery … [15]
Un-tick the box [ ] Automatically restart

  1. [Error Reporting]
    Change the “Enable Error Reporting” to “Disable Error Reporting” and check the box for “But notify me when critical errors occur”

Reboot and clean out the rubbish (all tem files etc) you could use the CCleaner (it’s free) and does a very good job in cleaning the crap from your PC.
Then Defrag the hard drive, reboot again,

and let me know if the problem persists. :slight_smile:

thanks i’ve put those settings onto my PC.

i’ve also reinstalled windows again, but didn’t reinstall kaspersky AV and it looks to be OK now, using a trial of bitdefender and it looks good, i might buy it ($24)

kaspersky versions 5 and 6 did have problems, although they were fixed in the latest downloads and updates.

Try zonealarm free version. may need a lot of user intervension but it is in the top 10 security suits.

As far as anti Malware and Spyware, try the Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware, all free and are good.