Program not responding

Hi Everybody!

I have a small, and slightly annoying problem with CloneDVD. When I try to back-up a DVD I get to the last screen (the bit where you have to detail your output) and the program just seems to hang. However, if you wait for a sufficiently long time (1-2 mins) the program sorts itself out, and allows me to choose my output method. Then CloneDVD works as it should.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

I would guess it is polling your system for optical burners and something is taking forever to respond. I would remove all burners but one, check your drive jumpers, make sure you are using 80 wire cable, and put the media in the drive before you start the program, waiting for the light to go off.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry, I am not that good with hardware. How does one check ones drive jumpers?

I am using CloneDVD on my laptop and so I only have one burner, and I guess I have no choice what wire cable I am using??? I always put the DVD in before I start the program, so I guess that’s not it.

It looks like Clone is just taking forever to find your drive. You should repost in the title and let people know you’re using an external drive on USB. Post your drive specs and your laptop type. If it is USB 1.1 it might be just the way things are but there might be something in WIndows or in your BIOS to help Clone out.

Do any other USB devices take this long?

I have a Dell Latitude D610 with 2GHz Intel Centrino, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD and an NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A internal DVD rewriter.

Good luck with this, now I see what you are using. Have you checked to see that DMA is enabled? Probably not the problem but internal burners can be weird.

I have just checked this and everything was fine. Any other ideas?


@ dr-white,

Perchance have you insure that you don’t have any invasive programs running in the background like Anti-Virus, SpyWare Checking programs, and/or packet writing programs?

You would be surprised at all the unnecessary things that are automatically started during StartUp booting that you are unaware of. Some of these item loaded at start up could quite possibly be quarrying you DVD Optical Burner.

To check on what is actually running at start up go to Start/Run and then type “MSCONFIG” minus the quotation marks and the click on “OK”. System Configuration Utility will appear and click on the “StartUp” tab. A list of all the programs that are loaded upon start up will appear. Many of the item that are listed are in fact are not need. To obtain information on exactly what items are actually require at start up can be found at the below links.

To view a very intensive listing of StartUp item descriptions can be obtained at the below link.

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