Program my computer to connect to internet

how can i set up my conputer to conect the to internet and then (after) run e-mule.

I dont want to have to wake up to conect PC to internet and turn on e-mule

Get a cable or dsl connection, and it’s on all the time. Then you just have to make emule run when you want it to. Some software firewalls will allow you to set specific times when access is available or denied.

i can’t have an cable/dsl conection

i do nead some program that lunches my conection @ a specific hour. i found a sheduler that does lunch the sceduler. But i do have to lunch the conection to the internet before i go to sleep

Pretty sure you can make windows do “dial on demand”, if you stored the password, and you set the option to “always dial my default connection”

where can i find this option?

Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network Connections->Your Dialup Account

Options tab->
(Tick ON) Redial if line is dropped.
(Tick Off) Prompt for phone number
(Tick Off) Prompt for name and password, certificate.

done, but it dosent automaticaly connect to internet

Control panel, internet options, connections - that’s the place to set “always dial my default connection” and set the appropriate default.

It’s a while since I had dialup, and since it was PAYG, I did the complete reverse, to make sure it had to ask to connect.