Program looking for presence of cd rom

I just installed Microsoft Magic School bus Explore the Ocean in my kids computer via an ISO file mounted on Daemon tools so that I can store away the CD.
I am getting an error that says the cd rom is not in the drive, if I put ANY cd rom in the drive it works…
Can you help me? the cd will last exactly 2 weeks if I have him ‘handle’ it so can’t trust him with it.


i’ll assume you have the iso mounted in the daemon tools drive before you start the program ?
the fact that it installed ok suggests that the image is fine. sounds like an atip check problem. have you configured d-tools options ?
only other option is to burn the iso to cd, run daemon tools in background, insert cd, start program…

Yeah, I have quite a few of the series (Magic School Bus) that I have mounted with daemon and they work fine, this one seem to be the killer. I did some research on the web and found out that this type of problem is a ‘protection’ scheme that was introduced a while back that just tests for A cd-rom in the drive. There are some examples of how to fix the .exe file with a Hex Editor but I am not that skillful. I was just hoping that someone else had an answer since it seems this protection is ‘old’ 1995 I think.
Will keep hoping for good news from the members here.