Program like EAC for DATA (IMPORTANT)



A very few times i could n't copy some data to the harddisk perfectly(from cds with high C2,C1 errors).I know its better to use my cdr for reading and lowering the read speed to 4x or even 1x
but doesn't always work for data (for music EAC ALWAYS works perfectly in secure mode-I have also used Feurio with sucess). My plextor 8432 is really good for bad cds.

      So is there a program for DATA like EAC for music that can be guaranteed that data is transferred without any c1,c2 errors to the hard disk and burn a  1:1 copy ? 

      (Don't care for protected cds   ,nero and clone cd haven't worked perfectly for that job,    if not making perfect copy at least writing to harddisk with least errors   ,best settings for the program maybe?)


Re-Mastering is your best option in that case as all the data is re-created from the actual files, make an image and burn that at a conservative speed. Just use any good mastering program like Nero.

For reading just use a low speed (to reduce read errors) and let the drive and the system do the error correction.

If your drive cannot read the disk try another drive. Some are better than others to get the data off of badly damaged disks.

For disks that cannot be read without errors even at low speed (giving ‘file not found’ or ‘a device attached to the system is not functionning’) errors, I use Skip Doctor to remove the scratches which are the usual culprits. This can reduce the number of errors sufficiently so that the error correction mechanism is able to recreate the original data. Once the file is on your computer you will be able to recreate the disk in its original condtion.

Of course, that can only be used on titles that have no protection and only consit of data.


EAC for data? :confused:

The whole point of EAC is that the way audio is stored on cd (according to the redbook specs) doesn’t provide any highlevel methods for error-correction/detection.

For data they store the data different. The yellow book specifies how data is stored and each sector has accompaning edc/ecc bytes as a highlevel errorcorrection method.

When reading audio you don’t know if anything goes wrong, when reading data you almost always know if anything goes wrong.



I ment a program that would make sure data is written to hard disk without any errors as EAC does for music.But thanks for your replies.


cant u just run a program like diff to see if they are the same in both places? there are SEVERAL things that do this. there may even be one in, i believe.