Program Hangs

I ripped a couple of my old DVD’s to the hard drive with the view of combining them onto one DVD. When I open the disk in DVDReMake the program hangs after 66%. I know that there is no problem with the ripped files because I can open & play it with PowerDVD or even shrink it using DVD Shrink. Any idea as to what the problem might be? It isn’t a copy protected disc.

What program do you use to rip with? Maybe a FixVTS on the ripped files will help on the import.

Perhaps rip was the wrong word. As I said the my DVD is not copy protected & doesn’t need any help on that score. I just opened Explorer & told it to copy the Video_TS file to a new folder which I created. I did this for a second time & this time it worked. It would be nice to know what happened the first time around but it only goes to proof that there is nothing more perverse that computers.