Program Hang since



I run DVDFab Plat on a Vista 64 computer and have noticed the following trouble since version beta through

On DVD’s National Treasure 2 & Hogfother the following occurs when trying to copy in Customize mode

DVDFab Platinum will load and scan the disc then when you select Customize and start the program will hang without copying. It creates the temp directories but never starts copying the disc. When you click on the program screen for DVDFab you will get the Error that it has stopped responding and you can select wait for program to respond or cancel. Selecting wait does nothing but cancel will close the program out and then you can start over.

Copying the full disc does work though so I don’t know whats up with it and just wanted to pass along the information to see if anyone else is having this trouble.

I sent in the IFO’s via report in case that was needed for Hogfather.