Program for cutting ADS from DVD disc

Hello anybody. Im new and im sorry if there is someone with the same problem.
I wish to ask all of you one question.
My problem is that: I have recorded a movie from my TV with my DVD on dvd disc. But in that 6 hours DVD the disc is full with TV ads. I wish to ask how could i remove them from the DVD disc.
I found programs that can cut a part from the DVD but this will work only if the ads are on the end of the movie because it just give me the option to cut only one segment. I want a program that can not save the cutting part of the DVD but to cut/delete the ads and save the rest.
Thanks for the help !:smiley:

Well you could try with cutterman or VideoRedo,MpegStreamclip,MPG2cut2…etc…

AVIDeMux is my cutter of choice. Although I usually don’t cut the ads, I just place a chapter mark at the end of each set of ads.

The more and more I play with AviDemux, the more I’m liking it!..:iagree:

I just cannot get along with AviDemux. I have been looking for some software to edit some of my videos for months and never actually found anything that doesn’t give me a headache.

With AviDemux, I couldn’t even get it to save my edits. It was straight-forward enough, or so I thought: Crop the edges, increase saturation a little, cut a blank section off the end, and fade it to black about 5 seconds from the end. Result: Nothing. It saves it exactly as the original file, only slightly smaller. I tried about 10 times!

Looks like a nice bit of freeware, but I just cannot get my head around it.

Unfortunately VirtualDub crashes every time I’ve used it too, usually after spending time getting all the edits and filters just right. I’m completely lost as to what is the best thing to use.

Try TMPGenc DVD Author :slight_smile:

It can be done with DVD Shrink in re-author mode. You will have to continually add the same titleset over and over as you trim out the pieces.

10x for the many answers.
I have one more question.
Can i do that “cutting” thing with these programs directly in .vob file ?

The VideoRedo TV Suite is built just for this sort of problem. Not a free program though.