Program burns 800MB on 80 Min CD-R for any data!



I just posted the article Program burns 800MB on 80 Min CD-R for any data!.

dvdyke and Rasterian used our newssubmit to tell us that on the forums they found a way to get 800 MB data on a 700MB/70min CD-R.

While we posted about getting 750 MB Data on a…

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#2 /me whistles inocently :wink:


I’ve got some dvd-rips that I can’t fit on 700mb cd-rs, but they all are under 800mb. So maybe in the future I will have some luck.


ant4bud: why not convert them to MPEG and burn the CD as SVCD? Like stated above, you’re able to get +/- 800mb on the CD that way…


Dr J converting Divx to Mpeg will increase the size of the file even more!


hmmm…ppl are always pushing for more… Like me! …overburning THESE cds! 815-30 megs. every little bit helps!