Program able to burn multiple dvds at once like NTI CD&DVD Maker?

If anyone has used NTI CD&DVD Maker would have seen that when u add files that are bigger from one dvd when u press record it says if u want to record on approximately 2 discs,3 dics etc depending on the size of files u’ve put to burn.
This to me is a very nice feauture that i haven’t seen at other dvd burning programs.The thing is that with cd & dvd maker i can’t get my max speed of 16x writing a dvd.With Nero px it goes well 16x steady.
So i’m asking if u know any other program that is stable and keeps the recording speed high that can do the same thing as nti cd & dvd maker.
Throw a lot of files to write and the program decide how many discs needed and start writing them.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

IIRC the Roxio Easy CD 6 that came with my laptop could do that.

Will give it a try!Thx a lot :slight_smile: