Program 2 change I.P. address?



Does n e 1 know of a way 2 change your I.P. address while you're online, without disconnecting the modem? Don't worry, I'm not thinking of hacking n e 1, I have more sincere uses. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA. Erm... Sorry...


go to the startbutton of windows, then go to “run”.
type “winipcfg”, hir you can change your IP-adress


Doesn’t work for me!


Doesn’t work for me!


offcource you can not change you ip adress when you are online WAKEUPPPPP!!!

you can surf anonymously by surfing behind an proxy like download it and change your ip adress and you surf anonymously!!!

otherwise it can’t, you can spoof it but if you have good programs to detect an ip adres like blackice defender you! will detect the real ip so it won’t work so good!!!


I already knew about winipcfg - it tells u your I.P. address - it doesn’t change it. Dr Crash - I want a program 2 spoof it, do u know of n e?