ProgDVB won't pick up BBC HD. Help!

Just installed SkyStar 2 for the express purpose of recording BBC HD. Couldn’t get any channels to play with DVB Viewer so tried ProgDVB. Yay! Loads of channels and they play beautifully, but the only BBC HD I can see is under radio. Don’t get any sound either when I click it.

Is it a software problem or is there some other reason why I’m not registering any HD channels apart from the radio one. (I’m using version of ProgDVB)

Thanks for any help.

Buy the author of ProgDVB a dvb-s2 card and a very, very big dish to receive hd channels.
Maybe then you’ll get support…

What the hell you talking about?? Others are managing to get BBC HD on it without problem.

Never mind, I’ll go ask in the Satellite forums.

Please, don’t open a new thread on the same argument. It’s against forum rules.

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No I meant on another forum that is dedicated to Satellite captures.

Got it sorted anyway. It was a software problem.

You better ask yourself who has coded ProgDVB, nah?!
Prog lives in Rusia and cannot receive HD channels yet, so he cannot support such via his program.
Got the idea? I hope.

What are you smoking?

ProgDVB is picking up BBC HD just fine on the Eurobird satellite. As I said, it was a software problem on my end.

My only problem now is it’s H.264 AVC and I want to convert to DVD to send to a friend in the US. Managed to get it into VirtualDub using CoreAVC codec and DirectShow but the bloody audio is out of sync.

It is not that simple, IMO.

What’s not that simple??

I [B]have[/B] recorded a BBC HD .TS stream. It is H.264 AVC. The audio is out of sync. These files are appearing on Usenet synced. Therefore audio and video obviously can be synced properly. I’m trying to find out how to achieve this. Understand?

It is not very helpful when you make statements that ProgDVB cannot pick up HD channels - it can and it does - or that “it’ not that simple” when I mentioned I had out of sync audio.

You have no solutions to provide so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop trolling.

Don’t imply things that never happened.
I have DVB-S cards and receivers since 5 years, dvb-s2 cards since many months. I think I know this biz a bit. :rolleyes:

Why do you think its out of sync…?
I think its because of software problems.

Anyone else out there having similar problems, I sorted it. The problem was the CoreAVCPro codec, not ProgDVB.

I uninstalled it and installed Cyberlinks PowerDVD trial (which has an h.264 avc codec) and it’s in sync.

BBC HD is not on Eurobird but ASTRA 2D.
I wonder how did you manage to receive it using ProgDVB.
I actually can only receoive 13 and 19.2 degrees east but ProgDVB 4.80 and earlier versions cannot pick up H.264 channels…
Could you lease say which card you have used? Thanks.

@Fulcanelli123 - I would listen to chef, he is a valued member of this forum and it does not do you any credit by taking out your frustration out in this manner. Respect other members on this forum.

I’m viewing BBC HD with Alt-DVB v2.2 with CoreAVC Pro Codec and using Nvidia’s Audio Codec for audio as it handles Dolby Digital. I’m viewing it at 16:9 not fullscreen as that throws it out of sync completely and the image is too large for my display. I’m using the Technisat Skystar 2 v2.6d PCI card - the viewing application does use up a lot of the cpu resources before viewing HD transmissions.

Also be warned that recording uses up a huge amount of space - from memory 30 secs to 1 min is approx 200MB in size.

Others have mentioned that they have been successful using Cyberlinks PowerDVD v7.0 H264 codecs with ProgDVB - I have attached the Graph Filter for you - it’s useless to you without these codecs installed.

ProgDVB Cyberlink H264 (909 Bytes)


many thanks for your input and the linked graph too.
It is amazing what some good software can teaek out of hardware these days -> Skystar2.
Some say this is a DVB-S stream which has H.264 channels included, others say it would be a DVB-S2 signal… The first one would make more sense. What do you think?

Chef, this is a true Mpeg4 transmission which can be verified by KingofSat, as you can see the Skystar2 can cope with these transmissions, but the downside is that the cpu takes the complete load to decode the signal. As you can see from my screenshot it’s using 90% of my CPU, which in effect would make it difficult for other programs to run. However you could turn off other programs running the background eg AV software.

Technisat do sell a DVB-S2 card (approx 130 Euros) , which has a hardware decoder but you still need a fairly powerful PC to run this effectively.

Unfortunately I do not have a subscription to Premiere 19e, as this would be the ideal platform to test this out fully.

The majority of tweaked DVB-S channels seem to be on Hotbird 13e, but really they are not true Mpeg4 transmissions.

These consist mainly from the TPS Package and should be viewable with some ease with the SS2 card - in effect these are being sent to your card @ 12MBps instead of the usually 4MB, but the SS2 card can handle this easy as it used for DSL via the Satellite most people tend to forget.

As you know there are very few HDTV transmissions FTA to really test at present. However codecs are always improving and cpu’s/RAM become faster. Hopefully this will work in our advantage and give us Skystar 2 owners more time to use our cards before having to upgrade.

I have the TT3200 dvb-s2 since a while, but it only works with TTs own app properly.
The problem with Progdvb and altdvb is that disecq wont work properly. :frowning:

I also have the Skystar2 since years and also the Wintv dvb-s (skystar1) since 6 years and a FireDTV aswell.

Does the card from Technisat really does a hardware decoder?
I have only read announcements of such cards so far, but not seen one yet, especially for such an low price.

The first “available” card was the one from KNC1, then one internal and external from TechnoTrend/TT, then an external solution via usb2 by Pinnacle…
Others have announced but not yet released their card, I think.

I’ll check out some sites for news…

Kingofsat is not always uptodate.
LyngSat is faster.

Also, there is no chance for receiving Premiere HD via cards or receivers that have no Premiere Certificate, because of n/a CAMs.

Chef, have you tried using the different DisEQ drivers by SAAR’s and MiBi to drive your dish ??

I use my satellite reciever to move my dish not my SS2 card, but from memory you have to save each position of satellite ie

Astra 1 = pos 1
Astra 2 = pos 2
Hotbird = pos 3
Hispasat = pos 4
… etc

Also you are restricted in the number of satellites that can be loaded at any one time (maybe 10 positions ??)

Here is the information from the Technisat site ( German only) :,100&pid=1747&reload

Thank you for the list at Lyngsat - it gives me a chance to see if I have missed something :slight_smile:

I can see you’ve been involved in this hobby for a few years just looking at your equipment.

I’m looking to update my main pc sometime next year with MS Vista (a completely new PC), so with this I would be looking at a new DVB-S2 card - hopefully the prices will drop as well, if not I will stick with my SS2 card and just update the codecs when necessary - this is a very cheap upgrade compared to a new card.

I’ve just seen posted on another forum that Technisat will not be publishing ‘signed’ drivers for the Skystar 1 and 2 card for MS Vista.

According to the rumours Technisat will only be concentrating on their HD equipment for the future.

Beta Drivers (inc MS Vista :slight_smile: ) available for SS2 released today 13 Nov 2006

Software 4.4.1 Beta Version (13.11.2006)

TechniSat DVB: Windows 2000 (ab SP 4) / Windows XP SP2 / Windows XP x64 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Vista RC2 (x86)
TechniSat BDA driver: Windows XP SP2 / Windows XP x64 / Windows Vista RC2 (x86)
This beta release does not contain any user documentation.


Yup, just saw it today.


You have an motorized dish? I’ll get one too - too many sat positions to explore…
Actually I have only 4x Multifeed. :wink: Quattro LNBs > Multiswitches > Disecq 2.1 > receivers.

Not tried with alternate drivers - sounds like a chance. Thanks again.

Technisat its new DVB-S2 card looks really similar to the one by TechnoTrend, even same price.
I really wait for another one with a hardware decoder onboard. I hope such will appear soon.