Progam to test your burner's capabilities?

Do you think someone will come up with an app that can be run to check if you current hardware and setup is capable of making a specific backup? I think this would cut down on some of the troubleshooting that some of us are having. :bigsmile:

You can use the Clone CD Supported CD Writers menu in the help. Look for some sheep under the BURN-Proof and Correct EFM Encoding. That should tell you everything you need, so who needs a program like that?

There have been many here that had compadible burners but still were unable to do a proper backup. Maybe something like this would identify the exact point on what someone needs to successfully accomplish this. :rolleyes:

Most of the time, this occurs because of an error from the user. All the time people state their problem copying a game, state their writer. They ask the question, people on the forum answer and they report success, so that is usually what happens, however there are exceptions.