Prog to change subs within vob file

Does anybody know a good tool to edit subtitles (especially the timing) within a vob file, without having to demux it first. I already have dvdsubedit but I was wondering if there was a better program available. Thanks

What are you trying to do, and why is DVDSubEdit not working well for that? As far as I know, that’s the only tool that allows you to modify your subpics within the vob.

I heard that changing the subpics within the vob was more accurate, because OCR always has some inaccuracy in timing. Also I think it’s more easier/quicker to do. I did find DVDSubEdit a good tool, only its functions are limited. But when you say there is no tool besides DVDSubEdit i guess i can stop looking then.

How about editing the sub file. (so after extracting it first) I just heard about SubtitleCreator, but i want just a bit more than only delaying the subtitles. Is there way i can just change the timings manually? Is there a tool that could do that? Thanks!!

i’m sorry,
I meant sup files, not sub files (to avoid confusion):stuck_out_tongue: