Prog for password protecting Outlook

hello i like to protect outlook the emails in it not the program but just the email’s whats the best program for the job m8s

are you protecting them from someone that has physical access to your machine?

yep i’m on the computer and all so my littel bro so i dont whant him to look at my outlook and no i dont have winxp

eek, im decidedly unfamiliar with microsoft software. its been over a year since i’ve used outlook. however, if i remember, does it have a profile option? cant you just password protect a profile, and give him his own?

if more work than that is needed, im in trouble. anyone know if thats possible?

Shame on you for not knowing you M$…

Yes you can create profiles but you can also password protect the .pst file that you mail is delivered too…

Use BSD at home… but Microsoft will always own the world. Give in and just get certified.