Prog for Cracking a Zip Password needed?



Does anyone know a good prog for opening a zip file that is password protected? Where can I download it from? Thankz guys!


Maybe u can take a look at

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well, maybe this will help…

I downloaded a zip file named and I can not find the password for it. Does anyone know the password for this. It was part of a recent Tiberian Sun Firestorm download. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t wanna discourage you lot but i had a zip password cracker and i made a zip file
myself with a password of 8 chars 2 of them numeric and the password cracker said it would need 3 years and 2 months to complete.

Pentium 466@588 Mhz.

I even told it how many chars there were !
If you don’t know that then it will take longer because it just tries everything possible…

Aa , Ab , aB ,ab , abC, AbC, etc etc…



crackie wanted for zipkey 2.11.0


Unless the password is only a couple of characters long you might as well forget it.
You probably won’t live long enough.
Here is some info about one zip crack program that is virtually useless unless registered, and if illegally registered, even more so.

  • Advanced Zip Password Recovery (AZPR)

Will only accept a valid key, uses a blacklist for pirate keys,
if one is detected wastes CPU cycles without giving a solution.