ProFusion D dmx .PFC files

Hey all,

I was looking around and found a similar question/problem to the one I have but no answers. So i thought I would try again. I have an audio CD from work and ive been trying to find out some of the song names. I popped the CD in my computer and the audio files are shown as .PFC. I dont have the software to play or convert it so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas.


Just doing a quick google search shows PFC files as proprietary AOL “Personal File Cabinet” for storing e-mails. Can you actually play the CD on your computer or CD player? If there are audio tracks on the CD they will be cda or mp3, wma, etc.

Did a little bit more digging about ProfusionDmx and this is the first I’ve heard of it. PFC or Perfect Fit Component seems to be exclusive to Profusion. You might be out of luck converting them, sorry.