Profiling help

What are ALL those profiles in BlindWrite do?
i opened thee profiles’ file, and understand a little bit more except for the Automatic Profile.

  • which only say:

what is “default=7” ? in contrast to, like Normal Profile?

it seems that i got NO replys… :sad:
so i tested(some) on my own. Maybe this will help some of U.
i’ve created a NEW “.ini” file in the /BlindWrite5/Profiles/ -mine looks like this:
profiledesc=AutoPlay Tag(to CD) disabled: RPM at 48x
default=0 (the “default.ini” aka Automatic Profile has a value of “7”)
autoplay=0 (this DISABLEs the AutoPlay Tag, ENABLE = “1”)
cdwritespeed=1323 (8x write speed, see below)

when i keyed in:
default=7 for the above, my profile won’t work, so i put a “0”. what does it means -i don’t know.
cdwritespeed=1323 now this is the biggy, why 1323? i’ve actually tested keyin countless of times(runing up the numbers). BWTweak156 value for 8x is 1411, i don’t know why but its not even close to MY TESTED value. And as some of U might expect for 16x, it should be twice as much… WRONG! it NOT. Sadly i’m too lame to find its actual value.
i wrecked 2 CD-R before i had the idea of testing these, since BW incorrectly listed my CDs too high/low -i think thats what caused it. Don’t say that its my burner, as i say “i tested it”. -uninstall/re-installed BW, used other burning software uninstall/re-installed that, boot my system countless of times in the process… i HATE anyone who calls me a liar.

Here is what i got so far:
cdwritespeed=???(defined below, REAL test)

120?-1322 = 7x
1323-141? = 8x (BWT 8x = 1411)
8000 = 45x
830?-8378 = 47x
8379-846? = 48x (BWT 48x = 8467)