CloneCd and Alcohol have profiles that I can select to defeat certain types of copy protection. For example, I just backed up Medal of Honor Breakthrough using Alcohol 120% choosing the safedisc2 profile. Does Blindwrite have any of these profiles? If I just run Blindwrite and start to copy a game, how do I know all the settings are correct? In other words, where do I change the settings? If I just hit start it will use the same settings for Safedisc as Securom, correct? Or is Blindwrite that advanced that it can determine the protection and adjust accordingly?


Yes you are correct Blindwrite 5 is getting pretty advanced.

With the profile set to automatic it can create working back ups of SafeDisk or SecureRom Titles with no setting adjustments required on your behalf. NO more fiddle faddle !!!

All one needs to do it hit Copy !!

If you like to set the advanced settings etc one uses R!Co’s Tweeter program located in the sticky above. This is recommended for advanced users only.


its pretty advanced…it will do a good job at automatically choosing the best method to write a cdr. if you want more control download the bw5tweaker its free thanks to
R!CO. I would suggest trying the free trial of bw5 and test it out…make sure you have really good highspeed media to write on because you cant adjust the write speed (my only gripe) well it does have a speed control with high , medium , and low write speed but it never works for me, it always writes at high speed.