Profiles in clonecd

I have read a lot of posts on this site and I see there is quite alot of info posted.

Reason why I’m here:

I have always made backups of my cds and used the backups for use (safe originals). If I couldn’t get a copy then I had to use original and hope that all went well. Well it happened…damaged CD. Wrote to mfg and they said send defective back and $20, we’ll ship you another one. haha the game was only 9 bucks and they wanted 20.

So now it comes to try and make back ups. SD2 and securerom have done me in. After countless coasters and using around 10 different progs I’m trying to get a copy of disk2 arcanum (securerom).

Now for the post:

There are profiles listed for clonecd to do securerom recording but for the life of me I can’t see where I enter any of these changes. When I start the prog all I get is the 4 basic orange icons!

The settings tab is just general.

What happens in default mode is that the reading does not finish and locks up the system so I have to reboot. I have used blindwrite, alcohol120, burnatonce, diskdump, fireburner, clonecd, etc.

The only success I had was burnatonce with ddump. I got a full read but when I burned the image the program didn’t see the cd, whether in the writer or plain cdrom.

One thing I did find out was that CHEAP cds make GREAT coasters. I had bought a bulk amount of 10 cent cds and it seems that was all they were worth. Went to higher quality disks and success rate was tenfold.

So to make a long story short, any help?

spoke to soon about profiles. Downloaded file and put in profiles direc. started clonecd and there they were. now to try and see if I can read this cd

Heheh, when you need more help please also mention which writer you’re using!

Thanks for the reply… the reason I didn’t mention the recorder because it was on the list Polaroid 40x. BUT from all the talk about the 52x Asus, it was ordered today.

Back to my problem… running the securerom profile allowed me to make my backup of arcanum. The program seemed to hang up during reading but I just let it go and it got past that part of the cd.

Olli’s gonna be happy again because after using his trial version, I’m gonna go and get my key. It seems that some programs are gonna work better than others but so far clonecd has done what I wanted it for. I even went back to my sd2 disks and tried them with clonecd… walla worked great.

I’ve leared a lot in the past few days and I thank all you regulars for being there. Piracy is one thing but I really believe that I have the right to back up my software.

Once again thanks and I hope to be able to help others in the future.