Profiles in CloneCd 4

Hi everybody!I’m new here and I’d like to know from experienced users whether they can post new good profiles for the last clone cd version.
Thanks in advance:)
You’re great!!:smiley:

No need for new profiles. If you have a writer that is fully EFM compliant (check at you only need fast error skip. No AWS or anything like that.
If you have a burner which is NOT fully EFM compliant, use AWS and regenerate sectors.

Also, if you have any CD-RW disc’s, they are good for testing if the backup works.

Or maybe you’re that very lazy type who doens’t like fiddling about cloneCD… :slight_smile:

the settings listed in this link still apply…at the top of the forum page…

You can create your own profiles and call them SD2, Securom etc

go to copy from cd reader to image file and right click on Game cd and edit the settings and rename

also see this link…

does this help?