I need a link to download the latest version of profiler, or maybe someone can suggest a better progy I just downloaded twenpeak, I need a exe file that will setup ell clone cd what kind of protection it has to deal with so that I can have a good game backup, with clony xll 2.0.15 it tell me what kind of protection the game has, but clone cd doesn’t know about it! And the result is COASTERS or am I doing something wrong here…Thx

Go here and then here

The links are useless to me 'cause I can’t read the language it’s in, I speak English and not whatever is written in there :frowning: :rolleyes:

I’m getting the ring around the rosy here ! Just let me know the link to the latest version of profiler Yes! :bigsmile:

Never mind I found the link myself thanks but no thanks your suggestion where useless I can bowse the site myself but at the time I posted the question I needed the link to profiler V 1.2 and not HERE and HERE where one have to read dozens and dozens of posts to find the answer to a simple question Yes… Now for the other part of the question Future Proof you didn’t provide a adequate answer as well , usually HERE AND HERE is supposed to indicate exactly to a place that answer the question yes! :frowning: what you did is giving a lazy answer or a “ring around the rosy”

You just need to find out the protection, links in FutureProof’s post above and then use the appropriate settings in your burning program.
For CloneCD download the profiles from here
For Alcohol120% just use the “Datatype” setting and select the protection.
For BlindWrite…Just press GO

And see what you can achieve with a little bit of searching.


You flame me and then want more help? I’m confused.

The first link shows you Steps to backup success and the protections on the latest games. The second link shows the guides. The backup programs are near enough automatic, so find the protection and use the built-in settings. profilers are helpful for n00bs and little else. What don’t you understand? I don’t know why I bother sometimes when I have to post to ungrateful leeches like you. You have enough experience to know that just about everything you need is in or linked to this site.

>what you did is giving a lazy answer or a “ring around the rosy”

I have run out of silver spoons and I don’t appreciate the nonsense you have posted. I suspect my post count is in the thousands because people like you don’t know how to Google or click a Forum search button.

If you follow the software instructions it is hard to go wrong. If you get coasters, check the settings, check the guides. Start from the begining and step your way through the process.

Profiler is like Clony, but worse.

Originally posted by FutureProof

Profiler is like Clony, but worse.
Oops ! :o

Like Clony, but not worse :

Swiss Scout - EasyScan 2.4 ( w ASPI )

FutureProof thx for the help, although a bit misunderstood by me, but after studying your previous replays,
you indeed offered good help,
but you misunderstood me,
the fact is that I’m not quite well read on this subject,
almost a newbie with a lot of coasters to go with,
so to make things a little more clearer here is what I have installed:
Clone CD, Profiler, clony xxl,
, alcohol 120%,Alcoholer, and Diskjugler,
and all are updated, with this in mind I need something that tells the respective software,
( for instance Clone CD or alcohol etc etc) what kind of protection is on the game that I’m trying to backup,
in other words something that communicate with the software the findings, so when I use clony xll which seem to work 99% of the time,
I need it to convey the findings to my writer, or am I wrong on this issue,
this is just one aspect of this dilemma, the other is the speed to burn at, and the settings\mode, do I use copy to CD or is better to create a image first,and then burn it,
and is it cool to burn on the fly, so all of this I’m not sure of, help\ tutoring will be appreciated , ps: I use the Sony DVD CD R-RW DRU 510A to do the job. Thx