Profile xml Tag Question

Hello all, I have a question about one of the attributes used in the profile.xml files. In some, but not all, of the profiles, the root element (“Profile”) contains an attribute named “type” with a value of either “0”, “1”, or “2”. Would someone please be so kind as to explain the meaning and/or purpose of this attribute?

It’s not documented in profile_document.xml and I’ve searched through the forums several times but have been unable to locate any information about it. The only thing I’ve been able to determine so far is that if the value is either “1” or “2”, the profile will not show up in the profile editor. With a value of “0”, or if it’s just simply omitted from the profile all together, it does appear in the editor.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure, and the profile readme is sadly out of date–there are many undocumented switches and arguments that show up. It may be just coincidence, but there are 3 types of profiles, for Devices, sub-profiles (such as all that appear under the PVP device), and defaults. I have never looked to see if there is any correspondence between “type” and the actual type. Just a guess. Maybe Ting will enlighten us.

Thanks for the insight. Now that you’ve pointed it out, I believe you’re probably on the right track. Taking another look, I feel pretty confident working under the assumption they do relate in that way.

Whatever the actual case, it doesn’t look like that attribute would have any impact on the profiles I’m creating (other than the fact that I’m just one of those people who like to know as much about something as I can find out…it drives my wife crazy). I’m putting together a “video jukebox” for use with my TiVo’s. I started out just using the vob passthrough, which works great, and storing the files on a 2TB external raid array. But I’ve quickly discovered that it’s not going to be nearly big enough. So I’m trying to work out a set of TiVo device profiles for optimum compression vs quality.


Well, it’s just a guess. May be totally unrelated, but I will see what I can find out. There was a TiVo profile at one time, but I don’t remember if it came with DVDFab or was one someone had posted here in the forum. What kind of file do you have to feed the thing? Realize it will never look as good as the original VOBs, but large, high bitrate H264 looks pretty good with most playback devices.