Profile xml file location

I am running DVDFab mobile on a Windows Active Directory setup, so what is normally in
C:\Documents and Settings\mystuff
is now stored in

With this setting I cannot find where the modified profile xml files are loaded from. Normally it would be in
C:\Documents and Settings\mystuff\Application Data\DVDFab\profiles
but for the Active Directory setting the profiles are not in
\domain.postfix\ActiveDirectory$\mystuff\Application Data\DVDFab\profiles

Where is DVDFab loading the profiles from?

Thank you

The profiles DVDFab reads at startup are located at C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5\Profiles on a conventional system. New devices installed with CustomizeUI are also saved there, and it is the default Save location for the Profile Editor as well. The ones in which you have used the ‘Set as Default’ button are stored in the Application Data\DVDFab\Profiles folder you mentioned.