Profile/setting for 800x480

I have a Viewsonic VPD400 HD with a 4.3 screen that can play 800x480 avi and other videos. Can someone share their profile or recommend setting for this device?

I’ve been looking those over, try generic.avi.h264.mp3, that profile should work great in that device. Let me know, I might want one of those.

Thanks for quick reply. I was thinking about creating a custom profile with mp4.h264.mp3. Any thoughts about using mp4 instead of avi as the output format.

If you are interested in the VPD400, it’s $70 at compusa, less $20 rebate and $10 Bing cashback.

Yeah, I think mp4 is better than avi every time but the way I read your original post I felt you were specifically looking for an avi profile. Once again that profile is already in the “generic” selection, no real need to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for the info on the device.

The generic profile’s audio is AAC, I guess you will need to create a custom profile…my mistake!