Profile photos & editing problems

Dunno if this is a bug…

I’ve noticed that a number of people are starting to use profile photos in addition to avatars. But I can’t, for the life of me, find that option in my control panel. I’ve clicked through every link… messed up permissions maybe? :confused:

Also, I can’t edit any of my posts older than x number of minutes (seems like x is 30, though never measured it) (except for my posts the LiteOn forum, of course). Is there a new policy about the size of the editing time window?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The Profile Picture is on the left hand side “Settings And Options” last option “Profile Picture”

The edit policy was changed. Everyone now has 30 mins to make changes.

I think that isn’t really good, as you can make a post, go to bed, then wake up and realise you’ve made a mistake or a typo.

There are reasons for this change in policy.

Someone more senior than I will have to make the decision to post the reason here or not.

The reason is simple and no secret. We do not want users to edit their messages after a certain amount of time because this can lead to problems when a thread goes “bad”. If a flamewar is started we want to be able to see what the original posts were and if users are able to change their original post, we cannot settle the argument.

@ code65536, I will check in the Control Panel if a setting is disabled for Moderators and report back.

Edit, for Moderators “Can Upload Profile Pictures” was set to Yes already but I enabled for other user groups too now. Has this fixed it?

It’s fixed. Before posting this thread, I was asking Dave where the option was (since I noticed him using it), but I couldn’t find it in the place that he said it would be. But that option has magically appeared. Thanks. :wink:

Ok, as long as it’s working now :wink: