Profile Editor Screen

OK, i know the authors were needing some idea’s on how to make this work, yet look right. Here’s my idea that would be simplified, as well as where to be able to put it that makes it work right. Hope you authors like it-

Some will be a one choice, some will be multiple, which would cover options that have a dialog box. Like video resolutions,bitrates, etc.
It’s just a mockup to show the basic’s of how it could work.

Not one response? Wow. Not even a thumbs up or down from the authors? I did spend a little time with the idea and drawing up a mockup screen to detail.

Hey, the mockup looks good to me… :iagree:
Unfortunately, my opinion together with $1.50 will net you a cup of coffee… :sad:
Why not email it to Fengtao at his dvdidle addy?