Professionally mixed cd....HELP!

How can I make an audio cd that all the tracks are mixed together like one track.
So I can listen to the whole cd not knowing when it changes over to the next track.

Do I use programs like sound forge, acid pro or even the "roland cdx-1” disclab?


Listen to a Skitzmix compilation cd that’s what I want.

I am not sure if I have understood what you are aiming at.

I believe the original poster wants to create audio CDs where there’s no audible break between the tracks.

If so, I believe Feurio will most likely do what he wants.


Yes DavidW that’s what I want I’ll try Feurio. Are there any other programs that will do it?



A lot of people underestimate the combination of CDRCue 2004 and CDRWin 3.9f.

Try Wavelab :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not aware of any program that can’t do this.
It is just a matter of “how to”, not “what program”.
In Nero, set the pauses of tracks >1 to zero, in Feurio, choose “do not insert pauses, round track markers” etc.

Yes, they are both good… but licence for CDRCue 2004 is US$ 29,95 and licence for CDRWin is
US$ 39 for a total of US$ 68.95. With US$ 69 price you can buy Feurio! Professional (2 writers licence), a really good and complete piece of software… :wink:

Regards, ET

Originally posted by urvieh
A lot of people underestimate the combination of CDRCue 2004 and CDRWin 3.9f.

Perfectly right. However, CDRWin can do more than Feurio is able to. OTOH, Feurio is more convenient burning mp3-based audio cds because of the relatively good track editor. Anyway, I haven’t found the 100 per cent perfect burning programme yet.

Sound forge rules its very professional.

Without the capability of copying a/o writing data cds. :bigsmile:

Well… we were talking about audio, actually. :bigsmile: However, it is only partially exact:

From Feurio! site:

Feurio Professional - features

Burning data tracks:

Feurio!® Professional especially addresses people that are producing CD-R limited-lot productions. Therefore Feurio!® Professional contains the feature to burn data tracks, too. To use this feature you have to download the software NERO® (available from AHEAD®, demo can be downloaded from ) and use it to build an image file of your data. This image file can then be added to a Feurio! project as a track and burned normally.
Also a “plain-Image-File” that has been build with another software can be used.
Even Mixed-Mode CDs (i. e. a data track and several audio tracks) can be produced.
Burning data tracks is ONLY supported on the CD-Writers listed below!

Copying data CDs:

Feurio! Professional can directly copy “normal” data CDs (i. e… Mode-1, Mode-2 and Mixed-Mode CDs) as well.
Special formats (CD-I, CD+G etc.), copy-protected CDs (e. g. Playstation games) and Multisession-CDs are not supported.

I was a registered user of CDRWin some years ago, when it was one of the first great burning tools… they invented the CUE format, which is a really great thing. Unfortunately, the program had a very little development in the subsequent years, they promised their users a build-in CUEsheet editor but they never made it… Then other programs became more and more powerful, and now CDRWin lost the leadership in the mastering world… This is only my personal opinion, of course… I still use it on my second PC which is endowed with some good old SCSI Plextor drives…



Originally posted by urvieh
Without the capability of copying a/o writing data cds. :bigsmile:

Well, they do have a sort of cd text editor in 3.9f, and I still like the programme because the number of errors according to the Plextools is slightly lower for the same kind of media compared to a nero burn or feurio. Weird enough, EAC’s burning quality is even better :slight_smile: .

Software can’t really do it properly so I’m getting a disclab its hardware so it will be better. It will do the job (professionally)

“its hardware so it will be better” - what’s that supposed to mean in this context?

Everyone has told you that the software can all do what you want - so what is “Software can’t really do it properly” supposed to mean? If CDRWin or Wavelab can do it well enough for commercial mastering (they’re the ones I’ve used for this), in what way do they do an “unprofessional” job?


First you will need a MAC to do it the best. and you kneed lots of money the good sound card cost $3000
I’ll explain it to you later.

All the software mentioned in this thread can do what you requested and more…go have your MAC attack and drain your wallet and savings…


I produce mix CDs fairly frequently (as do many people I know in the mashup community) using Acid software to create one long wav file, which you can then insert breaks into when burning with something like Nero, without creating an actual break in the music.

It’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it! :smiley: