Professional quality writer - any suggestion (for the uk)?

hi there all - got a new gateway laptop with particularly awful drive (philips sdvd8820) - burned some dvd videos (verbatim mmc 03rg20 and ritek g04s) and all are skipping on my amstard dvd player. so started looking around this forums for advice and decided it would be best to buy a new dvd writer but got confused by all the suggestions especially that most of the recommended writers seem to have been superseded.
so here to the usual question - any suggestion for a writer from svp or ebuyer - speed and games are not important. the most important is quality burning of video dvds as i sometimes use it for work burning masters for clients so i need to know that they are as good as possible and as compatible as possible
any suggestions?

a BenQ 1650/1655 with some good quality media (Verbatim/TY) should provide you with discs which should have minimal compatability issues, they should still be available in the UK.

Problem could easily be the DVD player.

If you can’t find a Benq then get a Pioneer 111D. Use Verbatim 16x media and burn at 12x. If these still stutter then replace the DVD player. SVP do the 111’s for around £20 although out of stock but the 112 is available.

ok, been reading and reading and reading… it is a real mine field… cant seem to find the benq 1655 in the uk so it seems to be down to the pioneer 112d with an external enclosure or the LiteOn SHM-165P6SX external. i am lead to believe that the pioneer is better overall but i do like the idea of scanning the media and the fact that the liteon comes as an external unit allready (and so probably quiter than the sumvision enclosure i seen on svp) - so the big question - is the pioneer THAT MUCH better? or would i be safe burning dvd videos on the liteon?
any ideas?

Well if you got the external LiteOn LH-20A1PX from SVP then if there’s a problem in anyway you can be assured of great customer service from them.

I briefly had the LH20A1P internal (not from SVP) & it burned very nicely but I returned it for financial reasons - got something much cheaper from another supplier.

just a quick clarification… i was talking about the LiteOn SHM-165P6SX which is in their clearence section. it just seems that people liked this 165p6 model… any idea what are the differences between this one and the LH20A1P?
also if i was to buy it - any recommendations for best media for it on the svp site? again - for dvd videos with regard to compatibility with domestic players

ok found a dw1650 in pcworld for 25 pounds collect@store - seems good… should i go for it or is the pioneer still preferable? can i scan with the benq?

Get the Benq 1650. Very pleased with mine.

I did say if you couldn’t find the Benq get a Pioneer. The 1650 would be my first choice. Got my last one from PCW for £25 as well.

As far as media goes I always go for Verb 16x +R , burned at 12x. The 1650 will bitset to DVD-ROM giving compatibility with most DVD players.

BenQ supports scanning & write quality is equal or better to Pioneer on good media, Pioneer may have some advantage for DL media, but as writers are so cheap & BenQ is no longer manufactured, if you want one, I would say buy it.

i have also found verbatim at pcworld 50 for 15 pounds - all it says is ver 43350 dvd+r x16
are they any good for dvd videos using the benq? should i get dvd-r (i kind of remember that in the old days -r had better competibility with standalone players

+R media booktyped to DVD-ROM should have a good level of compatibility with standalone players.

I tend only to get the Verbs with “Made In Taiwan” and these burn well in the Benq.