Professional Photographer Seeking Help from DVD Professionals

Hello all and thanks for reading.

I am a professional photographer so you can easily guess that DVD video bussiness is not my strong point :slight_smile:

I recently purchased a DVD-RW unit for the only purpose of writing DVDs with internet downloaded movies and play them on my stand alone dvd-player.
I am using NERO VISION EXPRESS for the reason that is the simplest possible tool for me at this time (I tried Avi2DVD but with no success) and my question is:
Can I write Divx movies with subtitles (.sub .srt or other similiar extension) on DVD video so I can watch the movies with subtitles on my dvd-player - tv ?
And if yes, please guide me on how to accomplish combining divx video file with subtitle file in NERO VISION EXPRESS so I can produce a DVD movie with subtitle included.

Or if that is NOT possible at all, maybe somebody can reccomend a software for mixing the subtitle with the video file so I can then burn it directly with Vision Express.
Thanks all,
Horia, Romania.

No support for subtitles with NeroVision Express :frowning:
Even the app I use now don’t support subtitles (TmpegEnc DVD Author) :frowning: and I have to use a trick to keep them when I make compilations… (, you’ll probably be very interested by this thread)

Only more expensive apps do this (DVDLabs Studio…).

There are many possible workarounds, using free tools like IfoEdit but they are too complicated to be explained here.

You should maybe read in the “Video Edit” section.