Professional overclocker demonstrates simple trick to cheat in overclock competitions

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A simple trick makes it possible to cheat with pretty much any synthetic hardware benchmarking software. Brazilian, professional overclocker, Ronaldo Buassali has posted a video demonstrating the method with the 3DMark Suite. The trick makes it possible to cheat in overclock competitions of which some award money to the best overclocker.

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I already knew this was suspect as possible that if one was willing they could do it. It only came to light because someone was going to be ratted out for cheating that is why this came out. Synthetic benchmarks is that just that nothing. It doesn’t provide real data unless you were really forcing the hardware to work hard and then tracking it then you get the real Benchmark. But most if redone this way would fall far short of their synthetic benchmarks. Most savvy people knows this to be true already.