Professional CDRs

I want to burn professional-looking CDs for software that I sell. I would like one with a silver color (like most professional CDs). The CDRs for sale at Best Buy, etc. all seem to have a blue or green-ish silver color. Does anyone know a good
source for silver CDRs? Can I burn on these with my normal CDRW burner?



These CDRs seem to be the best so far. Would they last as long as professional CDRs?


Unbranded Taiyo Yuden discs should should certainly meet your needs

Are there silver printable TY’s? :confused:

Diamond Silver is currently the closest cdr to resembling a pressed cd. I have compared them and the pressed one still has more of a mirror finish to it. The record side of a cdrw actually looks more like the bottom side of a pressed cd, just a bit darker.